Squashmas Pies

 My first post was going to be my Squashage roll recipe, so the whole name of blog etc makes sense but it’s Christmas time and all about mince pies. As I’m not a huge fan of the mince pie, I wanted to make an equivalent. So I decided to look towards the American pumpkin pie route. Having bought the ingredients for the Squashage roll I figured a butternut squash spiced pie would work just the same.

I found a recipe for sweet butternut squash pie and instead of making it an open pie, filled the liquidy pie filling into the ‘mince’ pie and popped a lid on them. they cooked lovely and taste slightly Portugese tart like or some kind of egg custard tart. I’m really happy with them. The challenge is getting people to try them. Turns out spiced butternut squash pie isn’t as immediately appealing as a mince pie. 

I made some mince pies too they just dont excite me as much.

Tonight I’m off to a Christmas edible food workshop… I have no idea what I’ll be making.