Spelt loaves - wheat and gluten light

I’m in search of a tasty wheat and gluten free loaf and although spelt is a variety of wheat, it is apparently easier on the tummy than normal wheat flour. I’ve used half spelt flour and half gluten & wheat free plain flour. This was really easy to make, adapted from the Leon Baking and Pudding’s book 3.

375g wheat & gluten free plain flour

375g spelt flour

7g yeast

1 tablespoon sea salt

140g of a mix of sesame seeds, dried mixed fruit - whatever you have in the cupboard

50g Linwoods milled flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds and goji berries

65g olive oil

500ml warm water

Bung all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Add the wet ingredients and mix first with a spoon then a loose knead with your hands until all combined (a few minutes).

Add the dough to your buttered/oiled bread tins, adding a slash to the top of the dough. Leave these to rise for about 2 hours then cook around 35/40 mins at around 200 degrees C.

I made my loaves in mini loaf tins so did 25 mins on 230 degrees C then took them out of their tins and did another 10 minutes on 150 degrees C.

This warm slice, although stupidly small due to my ‘genius’ idea of mini loaf tins was very tasty. Slightly fruit toasty with the mixed fruit but it means the loaf wont be too dry. These will be good for morning toast or warmed with cheese and chilli jam.

I’d like to try this with milled chia seeds next and maybe go full on wheat and gluten free…