mmm pie...

This week I’ve mostly been eating Tom’s Pies

I’d be lying if I said a pie hadn’t brought me to good tears before, but when I chose the Mushroom & Spinach with Hazelnuts & White Truffle Oil, I really didn’t expect to be thinking about it a few hours later and then the next day. 

So the day after that I had another one.

Mmm pies…..

As it’s December tomorrow, I can legitimately be thinking about Mince Pies. Last year’s Squashmas Pies may have been a little radical for my friends, but I’m undeterred and will have a think about a new and exciting alternative to the Mince Pie. Spiced Marmalade Pie? With candied peel and a light mixed spice? What about a Bakewell style tart with a cranberry jam? 

Or concentrate on the traditional pie or tart and give my friends what they actually might like.

Watch this space…