Lunches: Taking the power back!

Last year I spent too much money on my lunch. I couldn’t bring myself to have boring sandwiches so spent a fortune on fancy salads, and beautiful pies. It was fun while the money lasted.

As this is a new year, I thought I’d try to take the power back and make myself tasty, interesting and if they could be healthy, then hurrah, lunches.

New Years Day was spend making hummus and thinking of all the wonderful and funky lunches I soon would be wafting around the office to everyone’s jealousy.

Day one: homemade cumin hummus and rice cakes for a snack, that were so bland the rice cake actually had a flavour. Then a sandwich of hummus (again), smoked applewood cheese and Bacon Jam. It worked, it was tasty enough for me not to give up and get a pasty.

Day two: cheated with leftover beef stirfry. but discovered smoked paprika popcorn! It’s really tasty, easy to make, really cheap and so much healthier than crisps. I’m now a convert and looking for more flavour combos to try.

Day three: cheated again and had cold leftover fish pie. Couldn’t bring myself to microwave the fish in case it stank out the office…snaffled up more popcorn, I’m now affectionally calling PopPop.

So at the end of the week I’ve succeeded in my quest. Can I make it through the next week without a Pret sandwich? 

Note: I haven’t worked out how much money I’ve saved by doing this but I reckon on average I spend £5 a day on lunch so I’m up by £15. That’s the price of a new cook book I reckon. Ooo which one shall I choose?